Building a Community

Founders is a non-profit student entrepreneurship organization at the University of Illinois. We're a community focused on supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs - to do this, we host events and offer resources to students interested in creating a startup.

Having lots of startups at UIUC is great, but having lots of student entrepreneurs work together is better. We're in this for the long term - building upon the Urbana-Champaign entrepreneurship community is more sustainable and provides much more value. We believe that if you focus on the people, the results will come naturally.

The Founders Team is behind the curtain making it all happen. We want our members to succeed, so we maintain a strong culture and environment that educates, inspires, and motivates us. We are interdisciplinary, open minded, and innovative.

Our Team

The people that make it all happen.

Amaan Abbas President
Michael Sun Vice President
Eshaan Bhattad Treasurer
Davis Keene R&D Lead
Josh James Community Lead
Anish Jampana Community
Bhavesh Prahladaka Community
Bora Shim Community
Kevin Lyvers Community
Monika Para Community
Shannon Ferguson Community
Siraj Chokshi R&D
Aaron Alberg R&D
Adith Narayanan R&D
Parth Saxena R&D
Aman Khinvasara Discovery & Microgrants
Anisha Sharma Discovery & Microgrants
Anya Ranjan Discovery & Microgrants
Chaitanya Gulati Discovery & Microgrants
Meraal Choudhry Discovery & Microgrants
Nathan Seiler Discovery & Microgrants
Ruby Zhao Discovery & Microgrants
Shivani Pandey Discovery & Microgrants
Vir Narula Discovery & Microgrants
Lily Dolan Discovery & Microgrants
Karthik Shankar Discovery & Microgrants
Chuck Miller Discovery & Microgrants