Research and Development

The Research and Development team is the "startup within Founders". We are always working to provide value to startups at UIUC by creating software solutions for all student entrepreneurs. If you join R&D, you will be able to gain experience working with a collaborative coding team, deploying live software, building progressive web applications.

The Research and Development team in Founders is relatively new, being created in Fall of 2019. In that time, we have been speaking with the entrepreneurship community at U of I to determine what types of software they need to thrive. This is a harder problem than you might think: what types of software aren't readily available already for startups at UIUC? Moreover, how can we reliably scale these applications as more startups come through the Founders pipeline? These are the types of problems that we face head on.

Meet the Team

Davis Keene R&D Lead / PM
Siraj Chokshi Software Developer
Aaron Alberg Software Developer
Adith Narayanan Software Developer
Parth Saxena Software Developer