Where Our Alumni/Members Work

At Founders, you'll meet some incredibly talented people. And where's there's talent, there are job recruiters waiting to snatch up our members during all recruitment seasons. Our connections to the entrepreneurship community at UIUC also connect us to some of the largest companies in the world.

Take a look at where some of our alumni and current students have worked in the past. You'll be surprised!


Founders alumni have some incredible success stories. By joining Founders, you are growing your network and learning valuable skills that are applicable to any venture.

But, don't just take our word for it. Here are a few noteworthy Founders alumni and current member success stories.

Michael Usachenko Alumni Founder @ Arcloop
Sravya Patakota Alumni SWE @ Mastercard
Davis Keene R&D Lead Developer @ Jellyfish
Josh James Community Lead Founder @ Allergenius

Michael Usachenko is a former Founders President with a knack for being a self starter. He has successfully managed his own consulting firm, Arcloop, in California, where he automates startup workflows and database scaling. Oh, and did we mention that he has a full time offer from Apple?

Sravya Patakota is a Founders advisor who has made the most out of her time at Founders. Using the connections that she made at Founders events, she has been able to land internships at companies like Mastercard and JP Morgan & Chase.

Davis Keene has been startup oriented since the very beginning. After joining Jellyfish in May, a Boston software startup focused on drawing business insights from engineer signal data, they recently raised $31.5 Million dollars in their series B round of funding. Davis has also started his own company in the past, and plans to mirror the startup engineering workflow in the R&D team at Founders.

Josh James is an entrepreneur who started his very own ongoing venture with Allergenius Baking Co. LLC. His startup has won several awards, including INCubatorEDU 2019 National Pitch Summit 1st Place & $15,000 Prize Winner. Allergenius seeks to create baked goods for people with serious food allergies, and Josh looks to grow his business alongside Founders.

These are just a handful of the many amazing stories that Founders members have to tell. The professional success of Founders members is inevitable, and the networking that Founders provides is second to none. If you have a startup idea, or if you want to work alongside these people during your time at U of I, let us know!